Healthy Weight Loss

At Finsand Chiropractic we specialize in identifying hormonal irregularities and developing a health plan unique to your physiology.. 

Education is paramount

If we know and understand how our own body works then we can take steps to correct our metabolic and hormonal imbalances; we can lose weight, feel better, and maximize health.
So much of what we hear and read about weight loss is focused on a single type of diet. The multiple notions of what constitutes a healthy diet are in a constant state of change. One day it is low fat the next low carb. So which one is right? The answer: all of them and none of them.
The fact is we are all metabolically unique. What may work well for one person may not for another. This has led to enormous amount of frustration and fear about food. It seems everyone wants to believe that diet is the best way to get to a healthier and more productive life. This is true. The challenge is determining which diet is right for you.

Your Physiological Fingerprint

In determining our unique dietary needs it is important we know our “physiologic fingerprint” when it comes to metabolism. Our metabolic type will dictate what foods we eat, what foods we avoid, and how much food we limit ourselves to.
The second step in understanding weight control is realizing that there may be other hormonal factors causing us to gain weight. Some of you may have tried to lose weight through dieting and exercise but could never shed the pounds. In situations like this, hormones such as thyroid, cortisol, testosterone, growth hormone, progesterone, and estrogen may be out of balance. It is then necessary to discover which hormones are out of balance and then correct the deficiency or excess, bringing the body back to its original state of equilibrium.
At South Valley Spinal Care we specialize in identifying hormonal irregularities and developing a health plan unique to your physiology.
Dr. Finsand has helped over 50,000 people lose weight quickly with the program that he created called the Amino Diet and he can help you too.
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