Been In A Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, you will most likely be able to receive treatment at no charge to you. We work with auto insurance companies and attorneys when needed to make sure you get the care you need after an accident. Please contact us to schedule an exam if you have been in an auto accident.

At South Valley Spinal Care we want our patients to live the best life that they can live. We know that chiropractic care is a valuable tool to help achieve this. Dr. Finsand will perform a complete exam each treatment in order to address any new issues that may come up. Each persons treatment recommendations will vary so we have developed multiple plans that are convenient and affordable without the hassle of insurance billing (no more worrying about co-pays or deductibles).

While Dr. Finsand may recommend more frequent chiropractic visits, he does recommend 1 time per month for regular maintenance. We have made a single chiropractic visit affordable with a discounted cash rate of just $45 per visit. If you are a new patient of Dr. Finsands, additional fees may be applied during initial visits or if different examinations are required.

This is our most popular plan. Enroll for our Monthly Wellness Plan to save 15% off one visit each month. Fill out a membership form and your card will be automatically charged each month. You then have that entire month to use your visit. This aligns well with Dr. Finsands recommended maintenance treatment plans.  Visits NOT used in the month will be forfeited and these visits cannot be transferred or used by family members. We do require a 30 day cancellation policy from the end of the month and no refunds will be given for previous months payments.

If you want to save even more without the hassle of monthly auto payments, you can prepay for 12 visits and save 20%. Visits will expire one year from the date of purchase and can be used at your own pace. Dr. Finsand recommends once per month for maintenance (not treating any issue, just keeping you aligned and healthy) 12 visits for $432 (36 each), can be transferred or used by immediate family members only. Moving or need to cancel? Refunds can be offered on the balance not used with visits being charged full pricing ($45).

Spinal Decompression treatments are not included with regular chiropractic office visits. If you are suffering with any disc pain (degenerative, bulging, herniated) and would like to find out if you are a candidate for Spinal Decompression, please schedule a FREE Consultation With MRI Review. Dr. Finsand can determine if Spinal Decompression will help you and put together a treatment plan custom for you. Once you have completed a decompression program, ask us about discounted rates on maintenance decompression treatments.