What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic is a field that deals specifically with spine-related disorders and their symptoms. A conventional definition of chiropractic medicine is as simple as the manual manipulation, or adjustment, of the spinal structure to alleviate pain without medication or surgery. The structure of the spine and the functionality of the body are closely related and manually returning the spine to its “normal” position can facilitate the spine-body- health relationship.

How can we help? Here at Finsand Chiropractic, we blend more modern medical techniques with the chiropractic procedure of manual manipulation of the spine. We employ physio therapy, nutritional , electric stimulation, traction, trigger point injections and other techniques for pain management. Our facility uses the most modern methods of examination and diagnostic tools.

Chiropractic does not cure anything, but numerous studies have shown that getting adjusted can increase the immune system, increase healing and recovery times, prevent injury as well as numerous other benefits.

Vertebral Subluxation and Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment is applied to a misalignment or dysfunction of the vertebrae in the spine, in which case is often used to regain range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Manipulation is usually a quick process during which a shifted vertebra is guided back into correct alignment. The process of chiropractic manipulation appeals to many because it doesn’t require medication or surgery and can sometimes offer immediate relief.

In basic terms, a vertebral subluxation is the term used to describe a patient’s dysfunction of the spinal column and the symptoms that this misalignment causes. Misalignments or vertebral subluxation occurs when part of the spinal anatomy starts working incorrectly or inefficiently. Vertebral subluxation can cause a number of symptoms ranging from back and neck pain to neuropathic pain from a pinched nerve.

An individual may experience a vertebral subluxation and seek Chiropractic Adjustment if they:

  • Experience a traumatic injury
  • Have been in a recent car accident
  • Reoccurring or lingering sports-related injury
  • Suffer from a degenerative spine condition
  • Employment that requires repetitive motion (twisting, bending, etc.)
  • Tense back or neck muscles due to stress
  • Bad habit of poor posture

Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Since Chiropractic directly affects the nervous system, Chiropractic can help with numerous conditions, including those related to arthritis, car accidents, injuries, tendonitis, headaches, migraines, back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, shoulder pain and knee or leg pain.

If you suffer from any of these, Dr. Finsand at South Valley Spinal Care can help. Schedule an appointment online or call/text us at 801-742-1424 and see how Chiropractic care can change your life and accelerate your healing today.