Active Release

Correct conditions arising from overuse, repetitive stress injuries, sports and other injuries, aches, pains, and chronic and acute conditions.

Active Release – Quick, Effective Relief for Everyone from Athletes to Office Workers

Active Release, is a non-invasive treatment used to correct conditions arising from overuse, repetitive stress injuries, sports and other injuries, aches, pains, and chronic and acute conditions.  It is also ideal for post-surgery therapy.

A large body of clinical evidence indicates that soft tissues such as muscles, nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue develop adhesions after cumulative injuries, such as Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), and Repetitive Motion Injury (RMI). These adhesions alter the range of motion available to muscles and joints, causing pain, weakness, reduced range of motion, numbness and tingling. Active Release breaks down scar tissue and adhesions that form within or between these soft tissues, leaving nerve and muscle tissue free to function properly and without pain.

Once you’re diagnosed, Dr. Finsand will apply specific pressure to particular areas of your body. Working in concert with your movements, the Doctor’s hands-on contact helps separate and release the adhesions and scar tissue resulting from your cumulative injuries.

Active Release requires that patients take an active role in their own recovery, resting or strengthening the area being treated. Treatment length is variable and specific to each case, but you can expect an average treatment duration of 6 to 12 visits.

Benefits of Active Release Include:

Fast, effective, non-invasive pain relief – when used appropriately, Active Release can provide pain relief more quickly and effectively than other approaches – without the expense and discomfort of surgery.

Improved performance of nearly any task – adhesions create drag and tension within your body’s soft tissue, requiring more energy and effort to accomplish desired movements. Active Release helps restore proper muscle function and allows the body to once again do what you ask of it at its most efficient level.

Enhanced post-surgery healing – Any time an incision is made in the body, scar tissue is created. Active Release can help speed the post-surgery healing process by breaking up this scar tissue and realigning it along the plane line of movement of the normal, healthy tissue.  This can reduce post-surgery recovery times threefold, while reducing pain and improving your range of motion.

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